Milwaukee’s Miramar Theatre saw a sold-out show last Friday, April 14th, from Vermont rockers Twiddle. They played a one set heater that saw massive jams and two debut covers in the encore slot, leaving every person that filled the place to maximum capacity wanting more from the Plumpty Dumpty tour.

Steez returned to open the show for Twiddle for the second time in as many nights. They had some great talk box vocals in songs like “Last Night,” and played a phenomenal cover of The Knocks’ “Classic” with a jazzy saxophone introduction. The tune had everyone moving. Do yourself a favor and check out Steez.

Twiddle’s show started when Mihali Savoulidis came on stage by himself. With his back to the crowd and arms spread wide open, and Seal’s “Kissed by a Rose” blaring over the speakers, a roadie donned his guitar over his shoulder and placed his signature fedora on his mane. He turned around and smiled. The crowd went nuts. The rest of the band took the stage, and they were ready to start when drummer Brook Jordan commented he forgot his drum sticks and ran off stage to retrieve them. Classic.

Once they started the music, things were cooking. They began with an amazing rendition of “Lost in the Cold.” One of the best tracks of their newer album Plump, the song translated well to the live setting. Twiddle added an impressive jam to the song, clocking in at over fifteen minutes. It was a great opener.

“Beehop” had a fairly psychedelic acid jazz introduction before opening up and eventually settling in “Mamunes the Faun.” The best portion of the night came from “Tom’s Song” into “The Box.” It featured two very distinct jams that were hypnotically good. There was also a solid “Eye of the Tiger” jam in there as well. Afterwards, they mentioned how it was the first time on the tour that they played “The Box,” and perhaps that it why they raged it so hard. Either way, bassist Zdenek Gubb and Jordan just looked at each other after they finally finished the song and gave each other a fist pound. It was a sign of mutual respect for the rocking they just accomplished.

“Jamflowman” followed, featuring an amazing bass solo from Gubb. “Jamflowman” segued into the more reggae tune of “Frankenfoote,” complete with keyboardist Ryan Dempsey standing on his seat with one foot and playing the keyboards with the other.

The encore was something special. Before they started, Jordan commented, “Thank you for selling this place out tonight… so far from home.” It was a nice message that was very sincere. He went on to relate how they used to listen to a special song after every show, wondering when they would play that song themselves as a cover.

Last night, in Milwaukee, was that night. Not only did they debut a cover of The Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” but they also debuted a cover of Shaggy’s “Wasn’t Me” sandwiched in between! What an incredible way to put a cap on this performance.

Don’t miss Twiddle when they make their debut at the Capitol Theatre on May 7th, with opening support from TAUK. More information about that show can be found here. Check out the full setlist and gallery below:

Setlist: Twiddle at the Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee, WI – 4/15/16

One Set: Lost In The Cold, Beehop > Mamunes The Faun > Beehop, Tom’s Song > The Box[1], Jamflowman > Frankenfoote

Encore: You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling[2] > Wasn’t Me[2] > You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

Show Notes: This show was played as a part of the “Plumptydumpty” Tour. Steaz opened the show. This was a sold out show.
[1] “The Box” contained a “Eye Of The Tiger” (Survivor) jam.
[2] “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and “Wasn’t Me” were both debuts. 


All photos and words appear courtesy of Ojeda Photography. See full gallery below: