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The Revivalists Honor Chuck Berry, Cover AC/DC With A Bagpiper In Chicago [Photos/Videos]

The Revivalists made their way to the Concord Music Hall this Saturday night. With Chicago being one of the band’s home-away-from-homes, the New Orleans-based septet threw down extra hard for another sold-out crowd. When The Revivalists open with “Bulletproof,” good things happen. It’s refreshing to see a band on the rise that still incorporates plenty of older material in their setlist, as to keep their 2016 Men Amongst Mountains still in the realm of “new.” It’s especially exhilarating to see a band who is able to honor a legend like Chuck Berry on the night of his death, then close the night with an actual bagpipe jam.

Songs like “Amber,” “Keep Going,” “Need You,” “Monster,” and “It Was A Sin” were sprinkled throughout a set of classics, like “Fade Away,” Hurricane Winslow,” “Catching Fireflies,” “Up In The Air,” “Stand Up,” and of course, “Criminal.” Their unreleased song” You & I” has been making the rounds, again presenting itself on Saturday night. The evening closed with a heart-pounding “Gold To Glass” into “Wish I Knew You” show-stopper, before the bagpiper joined in for an extended jam of “It’s A Long Way To The Top” by AC/DC.

Watch videos of “It’s A Long Way To The Top” and “Johnny B. Goode” courtesy of YouTube users Sojahsey1 and feralsoul7:

Photographer Keith Griner of Phierce Photo was on site to capture the show. Enjoy his gallery below:

Setlist: The Revivalists | Concord Music Hall | Chicago, IL | 3/18/17:

Bulletproof, Amber, Keep Going, Fade Away, Hurricane Winslow, Fireflies, Up In The Air, Need You, Stand Up, Johnny B. Goode, Monster, Criminal, It Was A Sin, You & I

E: Gold To Glass, Wish I Knew You > It’s A Long Way To The Top w/ bagpiper