In the late 1960’s, the psychedelic movement came to a head in San Francisco, CA, powered by a handful of incredible musicians and their unique styles. The community was fostered by concert promoter Bill Graham, who clearly had a vision of this music leading a powerful counterculture movement throughout America.

The bands that Graham worked with at this time are all prominent names in the rock and roll history books, including Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Janis Joplin and so many more. With all of their ties to Graham and to one another, it’s no surprise that they all got together to jam every now and then.

Below, you’ll see video footage of an all-star super jam from 1970, featuring the Dead, Santana, and Jefferson Airplane. As today is Jack Casady’s birthday, we couldn’t help but share this glorious footage. While the guitar soloing stands out at first listen, it’s Casady holding down the low end of the group with ease.