On Thursday night, 5/25Keller Williams‘ KWahtro gave a brilliant performance at Summer Camp Music Festival. Keller is a musical swiss army knife–whatever the situation, he seems to have an internal musical attachment or a setting that fits perfectly. For the Kwahtro project, which features longtime collaborator Gibb Droll alongside Danton Boller and Rodney Holmes, he decided to finally scratch his Jazz itch.

Their album (Sync) is dense and full of speedy changes. But live…well, live it is a whole different ball game. Droll has always been a perfect stylistic compliment to Keller over the years, his higher-end notes and chords balancing Keller’s natural predilection for the low end. Speaking of the low end, Boller covered that territory in rich and unique ways, adding and subtracting notes in imaginative ways.

The real surprise for anyone who hadn’t seen him before was drummer Rodney Holmes. His dexterity, fills and ability to play point and counterpoint simultaneously is amazing to behold. Check out the solo he stakes at the end of the first clip below for a jaw-dropping display of technical prowess and emotional presence!

Thanks to our own Rex Thomson, you can relive the fun from this fun-filled set comprised of Keller classics and a healthy mix of covers by The Grateful DeadJoe Walsh, and more.

“Eyes Of The World>Best Feeling In The World”

“Doobie In My Pocket”

“Life’s Been Good”