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The Werks And Passafire Interview Each Other Ahead Of NY Show This Weekend

This Saturday, The Werks and Passafire are bringing their exciting co-headlining Firewerks Tour to Brooklyn’s The Knitting Factory for one jam-packed night. With extensive touring history and devout fan bases, this power combo is set to electrify the renowned NYC venue with high-octane back-to-back performances. In anticipation of this weekend’s throwdown, the bands got together to ask each other some hard-hitting questions, ranging from most memorable moments to salsa preference. See what they had to say below, and grab tickets for Saturday at the Knitting Factory here.

Passafire’s Nick Kubley to The Werks’ Rob Chafin

Passafire: How did you come up with the name The Werks?

The Werks: When we first started, we were trying to come up with a name that was reflective of our eclectic influences. One day, when we were ordering some food and asked for them to add “the works,” Houser and I both looked at each other and knew it was the band name. We then made the spelling a little more unique to add some flavor.

PF: If you could open for any band currently touring who would it be?

TW: We have been lucky to open for a lot of our favorite acts like Umphrey’s McGee, Lotus, The Disco Biscuits, and STS9—but even though they never have openers, it would be amazing to open for Phish.

PF: Will your fans like us?

TW: Of course they will, you guys crush it! Our fans have historically been very embracing to every act we go on tour with.

PF: What show are you most excited for on this tour?

TW: All of them! Specifically stoked for NYC and Chicago.

PF: What made you want to start your own festival?

TW: We always wanted to throw a festival since we have been attending them. There is a magic behind the unique community every festival creates that is unlike anything else, and we wanted to start our own. When we first started, it was a party with all of our friends, and it has some grown into such an incredible community of music lovers.

The Werks’ Jake Goldberg to Passafire’s Nick Kubley

The Werks: What have been some memorable moments in the band’s history?

Passafire: Opening for Van Halen in Reno in 2008. No one believes us, but it’s true. Also, our 2015 European tour and playing on the main stage at CA Roots Festival in 2017.

TW: How was the band first started? Is the band still comprised of its original members?

PF: Ted and I started the band in Savannah in college. We are the only two original members. Will is our third bass player, and Mike is our second keyboard player.

TW: What’s that cool octave up pedal the bass player uses?

PF: I believe it’s a pitch shifter? I could be completely wrong about that. Let’s just call it the Face Melter 9000.

TW: What’s it like being so tall?

PF: It’s pretty great. I’m only 6’1″, so it’s not too crazy. Will is the tallest guy in our band. You should ask him.

TW: What’s your favorite venue or area of the country to play?

PF: My favorite area to play in is Colorado. All the venues are dope, and the drives are short.

TW: Green or red salsa?

PF: Red. But also green.

Purchase tickets for The Werks & Passafire at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn on 9/16 here, or enter to win tix + a meet and greet with The Werks below!