Yonder Mountain String Band celebrated Halloween in the birthplace of bluegrass, Kentucky, with a barn burning pickathon at the Manchester Music Hall with opening support from The Last Revel. Yonder showed their Halloween spirit with their skull faced makeup provided by budding horror make up artist and full time fiddler Allie Kral. While Kral provided her trademark blend of crisp and speedy runs and droning psychedelia, her partners-in-crime got down and dirty as well. Mandolin playing wunderkind Jake Joliff astounded with precise picking and staccato percussion that helped bring the more rock-based covers to life. Yonder guitarist Adam Aijala, as always, blended a tranquil stage demeanor with fiery takes on the fret board that left fans gasping for air. Deadpan humorist and counter-point banjo master Dave Johnston did a spot on Warren Zevon for the “Werewolves Of London” cover they debuted, while bassist Ben Kaufmann reminded fans that the only way to live was to be bold and “Don’t Fear The Reaper.”

The main set concluded with a forty minute non-stop jam sandwich that included opening and closing slabs of “On The Run” and “Scent Of A Mule” with liberal stuffings of “Wheel Hoss” and “Piss Up A Rope” for good measure. Yonder wasted little time before returning to the stage for a double encore of “I’m Lost” and long time favorited cover “Crazy Train.” Watch videos of the show below:

 “Don’t Fear The Reaper”

 “Werewolves Of London”


On The Run->Scent Of A Mule->Wheel Hoss->Piss Up A Rope->Scent Of A Mule->On The Run


Setlist: Yonder Mountain String Band | Manchester Music Hall | Lexington, KY | 10/31/17

Rambler’s Anthem->Skulls, Fingerprint, Bound To Ride, Don’t Fear The Reaper, Traveling Prayer, Werewolves Of London, Sidewalk Stars, Frankenstein, Ever Fallen In Love, Torn & Frayed, You’re No Good, On The Run->Scent Of A Mule->Wheel Hoss->Piss Up A Rope->Scent Of A Mule->On The Run
E: I’m Lost, Crazy Train