It’s always fun to watch celebrities read “Mean Tweets” about themselves on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Wednesday night, the late-night talk show aired a new musician-focused “Mean Tweets” segment featuring some of the most entertaining artists in the music world, including Billie EilishMidland, Chance The RapperLuke BryanPerry FarrellGreen Day, Leon BridgesMonsta XJohn MayerAlice CooperLizzoLuke Combs, and Cardi B.

As always, the clip is highly amusing and only serves to make us like these artists even more. Haters gonna hate. Might as well have a laugh about it at your own expense. Watch the new “Mean Tweets” clip below:

Mean Tweets ft. Lizzo, John Mayer, Billie Eilish, Chance The Rapper, More – Jimmy Kimmel Live!

[Video: Jimmy Kimmel Live]

Several of the artists that appear in the new “Mean Tweets” segment were recently included in the November 2019 edition of the L4LM Monthly Mix, our serial Spotify playlist. You can listen to the playlist below and head here to find out why we chose each song.

L4LM Monthly Mix – November 2019