Following the first night’s performance, Phish stepped off their trend of post-hiatus tracks for Camden night two at BB&T Pavilion. Throughout the show, more than half of the songs played were debuted prior to the band’s NYE 1999 celebration, Big Cypress, including a Ghosts of the Forest debut, as well as another incredible adieu.

Set one kicked off with an OG groove as “Mike’s Song” and “I Am Hydrogen” allowed Trey Anastasio to take rapture on his Koa throughout the ladder. This transformed into a nimble, yet powerful “Weekapaug Groove” where Anastasio bounced up and down the fretboard. The main jam was controlled by Jon Fishman in the saddle, keeping a pocket open for Anastasio to explore just outside the shadows. This compelled Chris Kuroda to run a rainbow across the face of his trapezoidal rig at the time.

Underneath a gray Philly skyline, the band followed with a magnificent “Divided Sky”. Working through a loose main composition, they halted to the pause where Anastasio exhaled prior to taking the band through the clear stratosphere. One of the latest jam vehicles, “Everything’s Right” went into an improv section called out by Page McConnell and was guided by Anastasio’s impromptu vocals. “Guelah Papyrus” came next for the first time since last summer. Without flub, Anastasio told the story of his friend’s mother over the songs traditional three sections.

“Sparkle” was next up to bat while Kuroda enthralled fans by employing a rotisserie belt-like display. First set staple, “Roggae” came and swayed fans on a lofty swing as the humidity subsided through the show’s first hour. The set’s final number, “46 Days” was much cozier in a closing spot than that of an opener. The group honored their late friend with a chunky beginning as they moved toward an ascent. From base camp, the band took a cumulative effort reaching one of the sharper summits of the entire night.

Phish – “Mike’s Song” – 6/29/2019

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The second set ignited with “Blaze On”, hitting the usual Leo grand piano solo by McConnell. The approach was kept intact by Fishman, with each band member having their hand at pushing forward. Over the next six minutes, McConnell, Anastasio, and Mike Gordon gave their try at the jam ahead of rolling into “NICU”. Throughout a whimsical Trey-sway, Anastasio summoned Leo once again as McConnell took the organ for a high ride before ending the number and moving toward the TV on the Radio cover, “Golden Age”, showing impeccable tone from Anastasio on vocals.

The quartet worked together toward a seamless transition into the Ghosts of the Forest “Ruby Waves”. It was carved into shore with an extended jam that made it seem as though the track is here to stay. “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long” came next, but was stopped short before a shift to “Rift”. The title track from the 1993 album was technically sound and slightly curious in exploration in its second set position.

The Garden State then got themselves a nice treat with a Ghosts of the Forest debut. “Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 1” made an appearance, and wove a tapestry of colors through Anastasio’s sustain and notably ended with Gordon on the drill while fans hoped for a bright future of the song. The ambient, “Waiting All Night” followed with “Ghost” was a hit, equipped with McConnell on the clav. The imminent “Ghost” jam ended into “Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.” to close out the second set.

“You Enjoy Myself” settled in as the encore while McConnell laid down an ominous dark texture on the organ. The first segment gave way to a brief break for improvisation while a Gordon bomb marked the next transition. As the tramps made their way to stage, Anastasio hit the signature sustain before Fishman brought on ghoulish screams throughout mans evolution to shit. While trampolining led to the usual “Big Red” leap, the impending peak saw “Machine Gun Trey” unleash an onslaught of notes working towards most effective bombs from Gordon and McConnell. Gordon slapped his friend into a dance party only Anastasio could choreograph ending with a cowbell from Fishman that initiated the vocal jam. The band took their usual spots in psychedelic harmony with a darker piece before ending the nearly 20-minute “Y.E.M”.

The Anastasio/Tom Marshall penned “Grind” worked through stellar harmonies indicative of the entire night. The band added up what is presumed their total days alive of 80,000+ throughout the tune, ultimately ending the second night.

Phish – “Blaze On” – 6/29/2019

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Phish resumes their summer tour tonight for a Sunday night showdown across from The City of Brotherly Love to complete their Camden residency before heading to upstate NY’s Saratoga Performing Arts Center on July 2nd.

Each show on Phish’s 2019 summer tour will be rebroadcast on SiriusXM Phish Radio (Ch. 29) at 12:00 ET the following day. Subscribe here.

Setlist | Phish | BB&T Pavilion | Camden, NJ | 06/29/2019 

Set One: Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Divided Sky, Everything’s Right > Guelah Papyrus > Sparkle > Roggae > 46 Days

Set Two: Blaze On > NICU > Golden Age > Ruby Waves > Death Don’t Hurt Very Long, Rift, Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 1 [1], Waiting All Night, Ghost > Say it to Me S.A.N.T.O.S.

Encore: You Enjoy Myself, Grind

[1] Phish debut.