This past weekend, Twiddle performed an hour-long, one-song set on Live From Out There. This week’s installment of the digital festival from 11E1even Group and also featured performances from Billy Strings, MihaliGoosePigeons Playing Ping Pong, and more.

Twiddle was tasked with kicking off the weekend’s festivities by taking the stage on Friday at 8:15 p.m. ET. The Vermont natives showed they were up to the challenge by launching into “Earth Mama”, one of the band’s many songs that hasn’t made it into the studio just yet. As the lights went down in the band’s undisclosed location and frontman Mihali Savoulidis began the song’s opening “woo ooh ooh ohh”, all seemed normal.

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As the song ran its course through the four verses and started into improvisation, the band built up steam into a satisfying peak. For those watching the free first song of the set, the camera simply faded out as the jam rolled back in intensity. For everyone else who had signed up for the full set, however, what seemed like a segue into a new song lingered on a bit. The lights lowered once again, and the band got into an instrumental, rhythm-building mode.

For roughly the next 50 minutes, the quartet’s off-the-cuff sight compositions ranged from civilian, laid back grooves all the way to roaring electro-funk crescendos. From inside what appeared to be a vacant movie theatre, the band’s lighting director Alex “Herm” Schneider was truly able to explore the confines of the room, more so than many of the other live streams from this past weekend.

Check out Twiddle’s entire “Earth Mama” one song set on Live From Out There.

Twiddle – “Earth Mama” – 4/3/20

[Video: Frank N. Foote]

As self-quarantines and statewide shelter-in-place orders continue around the country, live streams continue to be the new normal for music fans everywhere. To purchase a Live From Out There subscription, or just a single show, head over to