The Boston Red Sox clinched their 2018 World Series victory last night. To celebrate, here’s a fun music memory from the team’s home base, Fenway Park.

Two summers ago, founding Grateful Dead rhythm guitarist/vocalist Bob Weir joined former Beatle and international pop culture icon Paul McCartney onstage at Boston’s storied Fenway Park, where Weir had played the night before with Dead & Company. The collaboration between Weir and McCartney marked the intersection between two of the most significant musical acts of all time, and everyone appropriately freaked the f*ck out about it. Two of the most influential artists of the 60’s, from two of the most influential bands to come out of the 60’s, performing “Helter Skelter”–a song that’s become synonymous with the chaotic zeitgeist at the twilight of the Summer of Love–was a truly meaningful connection in the history of popular music…

Well, at least in theory. In actuality, the collaboration proved to be a little less profound. After a fun but lightning-quick run through “Hi, Hi, Hi” to start the sit-in, McCartney also welcomed All-Pro New England Patriots Tight End and notorious party boy Chad/total clown Rob Gronkowski to join the band. While entertaining for the famously passionate local Boston sports fans, Gronk isn’t exactly the most talented musician in the world–or, you know, a musician at all–and wound up looking (and sounding) silly, wailing tone-deaf attempts at singing into the microphone with gusto. Maybe you enjoyed seeing Gronk onstage with Bob Weir and Paul McCartney, but as a fan of good music (and, admittedly, rival New York sports teams) this writer could have done without half of the guest roster on that tune. But what can ya do? Paul and Bobby played together at Fenway Park and that’s pretty damn special, Gronk or no Gronk.

You can check out fan-shot video of “Helter Skelter” with Bob Weir and Rob Gronkowski below:

Paul McCartney w/ Bob Weir & Rob Gronkowski – “Helter Skelter”

[Video: walliebaby]
Congratulations to the 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox!!!