Afroman was taken into custody in Biloxi, MS last night, after allegedly punching a woman who jumped onstage and approached him. According to the report by TMZ, the “Because I Got High” singer was playing guitar when the woman hopped on the stage and started dancing near him. Afroman reacted by delivering a powerful punch, knocking the woman to the ground. He attributes his behavior to not getting high.



Despite her bleeding and crying, Afroman continued to perform for a moment. That is, until the house lights went on and Afroman was arrested for assault. A statement released by Afroman’s team says that the musician didn’t know the gender of the fan, and blamed the venue’s security for letting someone on the stage in the first place. He was released after paying a $330 bond. Afroman posted on Facebook, “I apologize for my actions. I will be making a full formal apology and excepting full responsibility for my actions. I will address everything today on TMZ at 2 o’clock eastern time.”

Here’s a video of the events:

Update: Afroman apologizes!