By Justin Charles

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong showed some of the punk rock spirit that old school Green Day fans have been clamoring for this past weekend at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas. After being informed that his band’s set had been cut from 45 minutes to 25 minutes, leaving them with just one more minute of stage time, Armstrong stopped singing mid song only to flip out at the show’s organizers, with snappy lines like “Let me tell you something – I have been around since 1988 and you’re going to give me one fucking minute?” and “I’m not fucking Justin Bieber you motherfucker!”  The whole thing looked extremely childish, closing with Armstrong trying his best to smash his guitar.

Well, it looks like there may be more to the story than we originally knew. A Green Day rep has told the Associated Press that Armstrong is “headed to treatment for substance abuse.”

Billie Joe was in the news earlier this month for telling Kerrang! Magazine that Bon Jovi was the worst band they had ever shared a stage with. Richie Sambora recently declined remembering ever playing a show with Green Day.

Watch Video of the Billie Joe Meltdown Here: