The whole “Storm Area 51” viral craze has taken an interesting twist, as a music festival branded as Alienstock is now planned to take place in the small desert town of Rachel, NV the same weekend as the Internet-inspired event.

According to reports, a three-day festival named Alienstock will take place next month on September 19th-22nd in the small town of Rachel, which is the closest city to Area 51 located roughly two hours north of Las Vegas alongside the state’s Extraterrestrial Highway.

A statement shared by the festival onto its website reads:

The Little A’LE’INN is the only hotel & diner in the whole town. They’re already preparing for this event- so we’ve decided to turn this into a festival and help them organize. The owner of the Inn had already rallied several plots of property from land-owners to host something of this caliber. They essentially secured the entire front portion of Rachel, NV that sits on the Extraterrestrial Highway. This is a town of 50 people, so this event will engulf about half of the small community. Those involved have already given permission, but those outside the perimeter of the grounds may have different opinions- so we ask that attendees be respectful of residential properties.”

As for the artists who will perform at the weekend event, the website doesn’t have any names listed as of Thursday, with organizers claiming “Many of whom can’t be named due to festival radius clauses.” It is, however, a safe bet that former Blink-182 guitarist and UFO conspiracist Tom DeLonge could very well be one of the artists involved considering his outspoken obsession with aliens and science-fiction.

Event organizers plan to welcome early-bird attendees on Thursday, September 19th, with the actual festivities set to kick off the following day. Attendees are recommended to travel with cash, as card-readers may not work due to the lack of Internet service in the middle of the desert. The event also asks attendees to leave their drones at home, with the area being so close to Government airspace and all.

While that above description may sound somewhat suspect, it’s worth noting that the entire population of Rachel is reportedly just shy of 100 people, so the sudden explosion in visitors may be a bit much for the remote town’s resources and infrastructure–which has no gas station or store for food/survival supplies in the hostile desert surroundings.

Sounds like nothing could go wrong here, so let’s just sit back and see how this one plays out. Let’s just hope that anyone still crazy enough to storm the nearby Area 51 that weekend will have their mass charge planned out a little better than those who tried to hop their way into Lollapalooza recently.

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