Amanda Shires released a new song on Thursday entitled, “The Problem”, which hears the singer-songwriter team up with her husband/bandmate Jason Isbell. The song’s release coincides with International Safe Abortion Day, with all proceeds set to benefit the Yellowhammer Fund.

Founded in Alabama in 2017, the Yellowhammer Fund is a reproductive rights organization that focuses on removing stigma and government regulations on safe abortions, especially throughout the South. The song’s overarching theme of confronting the societal taboo surrounding abortions is a perfect match for the mission of the Yellowhammer Fund.

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The somber song, which sounds like it came off Isbell’s 2013 comeback album Southeastern, begins by invoking the struggles of Katie White. Whether real or not, White is a stand-in for all of the real women in the United States who have suffered as a result of the inability to access abortions or the stigmatization attached to exercising one’s reproductive rights. Throughout Shires and Isbell’s back-and-forth vocals, they return to a refrain of “I’m on your side.” While only four simple words, this provides a backbone to the message of standing by and supporting those affected by the fight for women’s rights.

Shires said of “The Problem” in an Instagram post just prior to its release,

I’m proud of this song. It wasn’t an easy one to write, but it was worth every tear and all the heartbreak along the way to finally arrive at this night, the start of our release day. In ten minutes ‘The Problem’ will be available for y’all to hear. I hope you can listen with an open heart. This song is about unconditionally supporting someone you love. This is a love song. Let’s be there for each other. The proceeds from The Problem are going to Yellowhammer Fund in the hopes that women everywhere can someday safely make their own choices. 

Listen to Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell’s latest fundraising single, “The Problem”. Click here to learn more about the Yellowhammer Fund.

Amanda Shires (ft. Jason Isbell) – “The Problem”

[Video: Amanda Shires]