Today, Andy Frasco & The U.N. have officially released their latest studio album, Change of Pace. The new album features 11 tracks produced by various well-known industry veterans including Dave Schools (Widespread Panic) and Ben Ellman (Galactic).

Andy Frasco & The U.N. Change of Pace Promo Video

Andy Frasco is known for his hard-partying antics and joyously chaotic live performances, but Change of Pace marks an evolution for the 30-year-old L.A. native as a musician and a songwriter. As Andy Frasco told Live For Live Music ahead of the album’s release,

You know, I always say, “This is the record, man. This is the record.” But you know, I’m surprised myself that I made some of this … I did the work this time and it made me a better musician, and now I bring that to my year of touring, and hopefully people will think that I’m not just a one-trick pony, I can do more than that.

The lyrics were something I really wanted to work on. … Dave Schools taught us how to jam, man. Dave is one of like, my biggest mentors about just, like, “Alright, you’re a party guy, I get it. You wanna stay a party guy? I know a lot of guys who are dead staying party guys. Or you wanna take this shit seriously?” I’m like, “I wanna take it seriously,” and he just kinda fucking slapped me and put some holy water on my face and learned me how to jam on the one and said, “Alright, get out there.” 

These songs just are a little more mature … I’m really proud of it. I’m not just like, writing songs for a groove or a funny line, like “Blame It on the Pussy“, you know? I’m writing songs to write a fucking full meaning … A full story.

Check out Andy Frasco & The U.N.’s new album, Change of Pace, below, and keep check out Live For Live Music‘s full interview with Frasco here.

Andy Frasco & The U.N. – Change of Pace – Full Album

Fans heading down to New Orleans during Jazz Fest can catch Andy Frasco & The U.N. on Sunday, May 5th at The Maison for an evening of music, unexpected special guests and assured debauchery in its highest form. For more information, head here.

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Date: Sunday, May 5, 2019
Show: Live For Live Music Presents: Andy Frasco & the U.N.
Venue: The Maison – 508 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116
Tickets: $20 GA / $50 VIP
Time: Doors –  10:00 PM / Show – 11:00 PM