Fans can own a piece of Rolling Stones and Andy Warhol history with a new slate of items going up for auction. Among the collection of pieces for sale from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts is a Polaroid of Mick Jagger touching tongues with a woman taken during the photo shoot for The Stones’ 1977 live album, Love You Live.

Starting bids for the Jagger photo are set at $10,000. A description of the item on eBay reads, “Many of the photographs from this session were incorporated into the album design, providing unexpected, dynamic and controversial images, appealing to the musicians and to their fans.”

In addition to the Polaroid of Jagger and the unnamed woman swapping saliva, the auction of Andy Warhol items also includes photographs of Dennis Hopper, Halston, Liza Minnelli, John Waters, Georgia O’Keefe, Truman Capote, William S. Burroughs, Keith Haring, Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran), and many more including a galaxy of Warhol’s Superstars.

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The auction features 92 items, among them a number of Warhol’s iconic original posters as well as hand-drawn illustrations, lithographs, and more. All proceeds from the sales will benefit The Andy Warhol Foundation, which sponsors grants and extensive scholarly research for cataloging Andy’s prolific life work. To date, the Foundation has awarded $260 million in cash grants to more than 1,000 arts organizations in 49 states and abroad and has donated 52,786 works of art to 322 institutions worldwide, according to its website.

Check out the full catalog of Andy Warhol items up for auction on eBay.