Aqueous revisited the first of the band’s Memorial Day weekend sets opening for Twiddle at Apple Valley Park with the premiere of full-show video from the group’s May 29th set. The performance came as the first of two opening slots for Aqueous during Twiddle’s four-night run at the Lafayette, NY outdoor venue.

Billed as “Twiddle And Friends“, the four-night affair May 27th–30th saw the Vermont-bred quartet paired up with Dopapod for the first half of the run and Aqueous for the back nine. Though temperatures were a bit lower than expected for the kickoff to summer, the warm embrace of live music and these familiar acts brought all the heat needed.

The May 29th show came as Aqueous’ first performance together since October of 2020. Despite the sustained absence by the Buffalo quartet, the band hadn’t even donned their instruments before they were inundated by a request for a Ween cover.

“I think that’s a new record for how fast we’ve gotten a request to play Ween,” remarked guitarist/vocalist Mike Gantzer.

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Though the band had only an hour opening slot, Aqueous was in no rush as it dished out a 20-minute “Origami” to open the show. Absence made the heart grow fonder as the hybrid metal-leaning tendencies coalesced with the group’s equally funky mentality to remind everyone why they missed Aqueous so much.

A cool-down “Little Something To Me” came next, though the song’s hook of “It doesn’t mean that much to you / But it means a little something to me” was patently untrue as Aqueous’ return to the stage couldn’t have been more meaningful. Rather than cramming as many songs in as possible, Aqueous rode out the last half hour of the set with two more lengthy jams in “Aldehyde” and finally “Random Company”.

Watch a full-show video of Aqueous’ set from Apple Valley Park from Twiddle’s Memorial Day weekend celebration.

Aqueous – Apple Valley Park – Lafayette, NY – 5/29/21

[Video: Aqueous]

Setlist: Aqueous | Apple Valley Park | Lafayette, NY | 5/29/21

Set: Origami, Little Something To Me, Aldehyde, Random Company