Last night after the Phish show let out of Madison Square Garden, fans headed over to DROM for some late-night action. Aqueous and Mungion made up the incredible double-bill, blasting fans with pure rock and roll to the umpteenth degree. The first of many after-parties packed the room with high energy, taking in deep breaths of excitement and letting out sighs of gratitude for both up-and-coming bands.

Mungion kicked the late-night off properly, blending elements of Rock, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Bluegrass, Jam, Electronic, Classical, World Music, and Funk, to create a sound that is truly their own. Afterwards came Aqueous, who muscled their innate ability for both composition and improvisation by balancing their impressive songwriting with their natural tendencies to jam. Craig Brodhead from Turkuaz even joined in for their original tune “Origami”.

Here’s a clip of Mungion closing out their incredible set, before Aqueous took the stage:

@mungionband just crushed it!! Up next- @aqueousband. Tix still available at the door.

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Here’s a video of Aqueous covering “Fame” by David Bowie in the deep hours of the night:

Check out the gallery below, courtesy of Jeremy Scott Photography.