While Phish played one of their best summer shows yet at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, WI last Sunday, August 9th, there were a good number of people who weren’t able to enjoy them. According to a new report in the local Walworth County Today, 38 people were arrested surrounding the two shows, with another 133 issued citations for various offenses.

It’s nothing new, as a similar report was published just two weeks ago, on July 30th, immediately following Dave Matthews Band’s trip to Alpine. Then, 17 were arrested and 170 received citations, as reported by the Gazette Extra.

As we review the lists, it’s unsurprising that a majority of them are drug related. The sheriff’s office and their drug unit were patrolling the area near the venue, suggesting they were on the prowl for drug users at the tailgates. While the offices are well within their jurisdiction, perhaps they could be doing a little more to keep fans safe, especially considering the tragic situation surrounding the death of Chad Kneesel at the hands of a drunk driver, just moments after Phish’s Alpine run.

Whatever the case may be, the best way to avoid this type of behavior is to just be smart. Review this 2013 feature from the Festival Lawyer and know your rights!