ALO is one of those bands that simply knows how to create a vibe when they are on stage. With their unmistakable West Coast sound, they are a band that can flat out rock while providing lush soundscapes that allow the band to jam and explore uncharted territory, constantly pushing the boundaries of their own sound.

Their AURA Music & Arts Festival set earlier this month proved just that. The quartet, made up of Zach Gill, Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, Steve Adams, and David Brogan, can flat out play. Numbers such as “Walls of Jericho”, “Plastic Bubble”, and “Maria” were on point. They also had some fun during “Cowboys & Chorus Girls” with special guests Carly Meyers & Adam Gertner from ROAR.

Check out official video from AURA of the band playing “Maria,” below:

Setlist: ALO at AURA Music Festival, Live Oak, FL – 3/4/16

Set: Blew Out the Walls, Walls of Jericho, Falling Dominos, Ticket, Plastic Bubble, Cowboys & Chorus Girls (with Carly Meyers & Adam Gertner from ROAR), Maria, Bizarre, I Love Music, BBQ