Axl Rose has been a busy guy as of late. The Guns N’ Roses singer has been on tour with his newly revamped rock band with their insanely successful Not In This Lifetime… Tour, which has earned almost half a billion dollars in gross revenue since beginning back in April 2016. With the tour now on a brief pause, Axl has the time to debut his new project, which sees him jamming away with characters from Looney Tunes in the music video for a new single titled, “Rock the Rock”.

Rose debuted the new song on Friday in the form of a 2:11 minute animated cartoon where he and his new Looney friends attempt to literally rock the rock. Said “rock” would be an asteroid coming towards earth, with Axl, Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, and company in charge of destroying it with their rock and roll performance before it makes impact. The clip also acts as a promo for a new series within the Looney Tunes universe, titled, New Looney Tunes. The series airs on a new streaming platform named Boomerang, which must have bought the rights to debut Rose’s first new single since GnR’s Chinese Democracy arrived back in 2008 after years of waiting.

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The new song sticks pretty close to the trademark GnR sound, although it doesn’t appear any of the other Guns members had a role in the short new rock track. Axl moves and sounds pretty good as a cartoon character, and can even be seen showing off a few of his trademark dance moves from the classic “Sweet Child O’ Mine” video at one point. Bugs Bunny takes the place of Slash as the band’s lead guitarist and uses those shredding abilities of his to take that asteroid out for good.

Axl Rose – “Rock the Rock” – New Looney Tunes

[Video: Boomerang]

Wishful rumors have spread amongst the rock community on whether or not the semi-reunited Guns N’ Roses will be releasing a new studio album to go along with their highly profitable tour. Axl, Slash, and Duff have been mum on the subject, possibly because they have no plans to record a new album together. Slash recently released his third solo album alongside Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, and Duff McKagan is also working on releasing a solo project sometime in 2019.

Until then, fans will have to enjoy watching a cartoon Axl Rose rock the rock.