Erick “Jesus” Coomes is the beloved bassist for Lettuce. However, when Jazz Fest takes over New Orleans each spring, Jesus takes on additional duties outside of holding down the low-end for the masterful psychedelic funk act, hosting his annual Big Lil’ Baby Jesus Peasant Party as part of the Jazz Fest celebration. For years, the celebrated bassist has invited his talented friends and bandmates to join him for the stellar party, which has quickly become a fan-favorite Jazz Fest late-night. At the fourth-annual Brooklyn Comes Alive, set to take place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on September 29th, Jesus will take bring his Baby Jesus Peasant Party from the Crescent City to the City that Never Sleeps for an exciting performance featuring an all-star lineup of musicians.

While the Baby Jesus Peasant Party is a Jazz Fest staple, it has never happened outside of the confines of New Orleans. For this special Brooklyn edition of the Peasant Party, Jesus has tapped his brother and frequent Lettuce collaborator, percussionist Tyler Coomes; Break Science and Pretty Lights Live keyboardist, Borahm Lee; Lettuce saxophonist Ryan Zoidis; and New Orleans and Rebelution sax master, Khris Royal, to join him in the festivities. With the Baby Jesus Peasant Party’s New York City debut, fans can expect a high-octane improvisational set, with an electronic and hip-hop tinge added to the funk-fueled dance party.

As Zoidis told Live For Live Music back in April, “Really, for me, the Peasant Party is just like the dream Jazz Fest gig. It’s been different every year, but that is the beauty of it. There’s a mystery to it because we go fully improv, and it’s definitely going to be dope. It always is.”

Jesus added,

The spirit of the band lives in the ethers and the dance floor. Every set we play is 100% improvisational and entirely based on the moment, the people attending, and the way we all feel. It is experimental at its core and completely unbound. Oneness, unity, and togetherness is the motto and definition of the party. Equality is our birthright. No one above the next: all One.

To get hyped for the celebration’s New York City debut at Brooklyn Comes Alive 2018, check out this video of the first half of this year’s Baby Jesus Peasant Party down in New Orleans during Jazz Fest.

Jesus Coomes’ Baby Jesus Peasant Party – Howlin’ Wolf – New Orleans, LA – 5/2/2018

[Video: FunkItBlog]

Baby Jesus Peasant Party

The fourth-annual Brooklyn Comes Alive will return to Brooklyn’s beloved Williamsburg neighborhood on September 29th for an all-day music marathon at Brooklyn BowlMusic Hall of Williamsburg and Rough Trade. Inspired by the vibrant musical communities of Brooklyn and New Orleans, Brooklyn Comes Alive brings together more than 50 artists, allowing them to carry out passion projects, play with their musical heroes, and collaborate in never-before-seen formations. For more information, ticketing, and to see the full list of performers scheduled for Brooklyn Comes Alive 2018, head to the festival’s website here.