Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain was shut down early on its final day Sunday after a helicopter crashed outside the Mulberry Mountain grounds in Ozark, AR. Reports initially began to break that a helicopter giving sky tours of the festival had gone missing early Sunday evening.

Event organizers came onstage to address the audience following the news of the incident before the helicopter was located:

The helicopter was reportedly later discovered by local law enforcement after authorities traced a 911 call from a passenger onboard. According to a string of reports from local ABC affiliate 40/29 News early Sunday evening, “Franklin County Sheriffs confirm that they received a call just before 7 o’clock saying a helicopter went down here at Mulberry Mountain… In the distance, we are able to see a lot of police lights and we’re still able to hear the music from the Backwoods Music Festival that is happening right now. Now, the helicopter has been located and was said to be carrying four passengers, giving a sky tour of that music festival. … Officials are not commenting on the condition of the four passengers.”

Helicopter Crash at Mulberry Mountain – Report

[Video: 40/29 News]

Following the cancellation of the end of the event, G Jones commented on the cancellation of his scheduled set:

According to an update from local NBC news affiliate KNWA published on Monday morning, three people were killed and one more injured in the crash.

UPDATE [6/3/19 6:20 p.m. ET]According to 40/29 News, Franklin County Sherrif Anthony Boen has confirmed the identities of the three people killed in the helicopter crash at Mulberry Mountain as the pilot, Chuck Dixon, and passengers Sarah Hill and Marco Ornelas. The fourth person on board, who has yet to be identified, is currently in critical condition at St. Francis Hospital.

This story is developing. We’ll update you with more details on the Backwoods helicopter crash as they become available.

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