The Barton Hills Choir congregated online to sing a couple of Grateful Dead tunes this past weekend, where they got a little help from some familiar faces. The Austin, TX-based children’s choir sang “Going Down The Road Feeling Bad” and “I Know You Rider” digitally with each other on Friday.

The ensemble was joined by Josh Rosen (Shakedown Street), Adam Roberts (Rock And Roll Playhouse), and Robert Koritz (Dark Star Orchestra). In addition to the talented group of 4th–6th graders, the Barton Hills Choir also features guitarist Don “El Cento” Cento, bassist Jason “Mr. Boom Boom” Brint, drummer Jake “Mr. Bubbles” Perlman, and percussionist Aaron Dembe.

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The video starts with just the adult musicians laying down the rhythm before they are quickly joined by the 13 children in the choir. Even while they aren’t singing yet, the kids, clad in matching tie-dyed shirts, provide some animated hand motions while the adults build up the familiar melody. The choir comes in on “GDTRFB” with the smooth high falsetto that only pre-pubescent children, or mid-1960s Bob Weir, can attain. While Rosen’s guitar solos aren’t exactly the length most Deadheads are accustomed to, they allow the children to provide well-placed backup vocals. Without missing a beat, the kids flawlessly transition into “Rider” to take the song, and viewer’s hearts, home.

Watch the Barton Hills Choir perform “Going Down The Road Feeling Bad” and “I Know You Rider” from the Grateful Dead catalog.

Barton Hills Choir — “Going Down The Road Feeling Bad” > “I Know You Rider”

This is far from the Barton Hills Choir’s first foray into the Dead and 60’s rock, thanks to director Gavin Tabone. Recently, Tabone has led the choir through renditions “Ripple”, as well as “Octopus’s Garden” by The Beatles and Joni Mitchell‘s “Both Sides Now”. Check out the choir’s Facebook page for any new videos.

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