Not too many folks outside of the C-SPAN faithful clamor for hours of political speech centered around the intricacies of tax policy. As Americans move deeper into a crucial 2020 election season, however, that seems to be precisely what people want—sort of.

Thankfully, the Internet remains undefeated, and a video of Bernie Sanders giving an eight-and-a-half hour filibuster speech on the Senate floor has garnered almost 300,000 views on YouTube since last weekend, thanks to its remix to match the popular Lo-Fi/chill-hop study videos, courtesy of YouTuber Justin Langan (Mojoblitz)

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Sanders’ speech, which came in December 2010, saw the then-younger 69-year-old Sanders rail against a tax cut proposal that then-President Obama had developed with bi-partisan support from congressional republicans.

The Canadian YouTuber explained the thought process behind the video in a statement to Vice, “What really inspired me to make the video was looking at how Bernie’s message has resonated with so many young people not only in America, but Canada as well,” he said. “I noticed how adding so much as a lo-fi beat to something as, honestly boring as C-SPAN, can make an 8 1/2 hour filibuster so much more palatable.”

He then added, “On the surface, it’s just a silly meme, but once you start listening there is so much more to it.”

Check out the entire eight-and-a-half-hour filibuster below:

Bernie Sanders Lo-Fi Filibuster

[Video: Mojoblitz]

[H/T Vice]