Bicycle Day is the annual celebration of Swiss scientist Albert Hoffman’s first intentional ingestion of the chemical compound, LSD-25, after accidentally discovering the compound’s psychedelic nature three days earlier. Named for Hoffman’s trippy bicycle ride home from the lab that fateful day, each year on April 19th, folks come together to celebrate the world’s first acid trip back in 1943.

Today, the celebration of unofficial holiday amongst psychonauts worldwide announced the artist lineup for their 2019 event. This year’s Bicycle Day celebration will feature performances by The Polish Ambassador (live), Slow MagicRob Garza (Thievery Corporation), BluetechWyatt Marshall (Dirtybird/Desert Hearts), MiHKALEl PapachangoDissølvEvan Casey (Desert Hearts), and Justin Campbell (Desert Hearts). In addition, the event will be illuminated with live visuals courtesy of Android Jones.

In addition, Bicycle Day 2019 will feature a blotter print museum curated by Mark McCloud and the Institute of Illegal Images, an art gallery courtesy of Tribe13 Gallery and Android Jones, floral design by Anthony Flowers Ward, psychedelic relics from Shakedown Gallery, live painting, local vendors, interactive installations, organic food, and much more.

This year, Bicycle Day will be celebrating its 76th anniversary, presented by Euphonic Conceptions and Legion of Bloom Music. The event will return to its home at The Midway in San Francisco, the larger venue to which the event moved in 2017.

The event pages notes, “San Francisco’s Bicycle Day Celebration is not only a concert, but a petri dish of creativity, inspiration, and sensory stimulation. World-renowned visionary artists live painting, an immersive art gallery and exhilarating performances play a large role in this annual festivity that is always packed to the brim with heart-opening experiences.”

Tickets for San Francisco’s Bicycle Day celebration at The Midway are on sale now.