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Big Gigantic’s Dominic Lalli And Jeremy Salken Discuss Their Careers In EDM On New Podcast Episode

A new episode of Live For Live Music presents InsideOut WTNS is now available. Hosts Rob Turner and Seth Weiner sit down with Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken of Big Gigantic and discuss how each of them found their way to Colorado and how they discovered and began working with each other to form one of the most unique bands in all of EDM.

This episode traces the duo from seed moments such as when Global Funk Council spontaneously brought Jeremy on stage, to when a friend of Dominic’s told him to check out The Motet, to them finding each other in Colorado and permanently changing the course of EDM. They talk about their unique relationship with their manager, Ben Baruch. “He’s been with us, basically the whole time,” says Lalli, and Salken adds, “the three of us, it’s like a tricycle…..we are all there supporting each other. It helps, having that.”

They talk a good bit about their brilliant new CD, Brighter Future, which has some elements of hip/hop incorporated judiciously into their sound. “The hip/hop stuff is something we have always loved a lot. I think that is where I started with Fire It Up – the very first stuff,” later suggesting that with the new CD, they decided, “let’s do this for real.”

The dynamic duo also gets into detail about how they carefully put together their shows as Big Gigantic. “The way Dom crafts a set, it’s to beat your ass up and make you worn out by the end of the show,” Salken relates, “we want people to be sweating and tired and have a great experience.” Listen to the full episode below:

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