BIG Something launched its Big Time Rewind livestream series on Saturday with a complete telling of the group’s 2014 album, Truth SerumThe Big Time Rewind will see the North Carolina-bred jam outfit explore its first three albums over three months.

Airing live from an undisclosed location in North Carolina, the session began with Truth Serum track one, “Megalodon”. Originally recorded with DJ Logic, this rendition still held onto its aggressive electro-funk stopping power even without the prolific DJ. While fans knew exactly what songs BIG Something would play on Saturday, The Big Time Rewind episode one was still full of surprises as the band took road-tested fan-favorites to exciting new places.

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Though playing the album cover-to-cover, these performances of its eight-tracks were anything but simple studio renditions. Over the pandemic, BIG Something has honed its skills of playing before an empty crowd, particularly during the band’s fan-less two-night New Year’s Eve run at Raleigh’s Lincoln Theatre. Playing in the round for The Big Time Rewind episode one, BIG Something instead fed off the energy of one another rather than a voracious crowd.

In coordination with The Big Time Rewind, BIG Something has reissued Truth Serum on vinyl and released limited-edition merchandise. This process will continue for the next two livestreams. Tune in on March 27th for a performance of 2013’s Big Something.

Watch the first installment of BIG Something’s The Big Time Rewind below, featuring a complete performance of 2014’s Truth Serum.

BIG Something — The Big Time Rewind Ep 1: Truth Serum — 2/27/21

[Video: Big Something]