In a video that took far too long to go viral, Billy Joel can be seen playing piano on a sidewalk in Huntington, NY. The video sees him performing a segment of Shelton Brooks‘ ragtime number, “Darktown Strutters’ Ball”.

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Joel, still wearing a motorcycle helmet after pulling to the side of the road, wondered why the piano sat on the sidewalk in the first place. Of course, The Piano Man himself couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a full assessment of the instrument.

“Not bad! The action is good. It just needs tuning,” he said, after the short performance. “It’s a shame to throw it out,” Joel continued. “You should at least donate it to St. Vincent de Paul or something.”

After a final check to see if the pedals worked, the video ended. Check out the clip below.

Billy Joel Impromptu Sidewalk Piano Performance

[Video: pianoluvr2006]

Joel’s run at Madison Square Garden in New York was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year. He currently has shows scheduled at the venue in September (9/26), October (10/11), November (11/13), December (12/20), January 2021 (1/13), and February (2/3), however, it is unclear whether or not those performances will continue as scheduled. Head to his website for the latest tour information.