Billy Strings has released pro-shot footage of his entire set from 4 Peaks Music Festival in 2019. The Bend, OR gathering came at the beginning of what would prove to be a breakout summer for the bluegrass musician.

The June music festival saw Strings headlining alongside the likes of The Wood BrothersLos LobosRising Appalachia, and many more at the family-oriented bluegrass event. This show, like many of the other sets at 4 Peaks, was dedicated to Jeff Austin as he was recovering in the hospital. Austin would pass away the following day.

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The concert kicked off with the band’s tried and true cover of John Hartford‘s “I’m Still Here”, followed by Strings’s own “Thirst Mutilator”, which rolled right into “Raleigh & Spencer” by Tommy Jarrell, marking the song’s most recent performance to date. After that the ensemble kicked off a series of segues beginning with “While I’m Waiting Here”, into “Pyramid County”, and “Ol’ Slewfoot”. The segue train got a bit derailed during “Slewfoot” when banjo player Billy Failing broke a string, forcing him to leave the stage and replace it. The ensuing “June Apple” featured the band sans Failing.

Before long, Failing returned and joined in on the “Run Down” that followed, and by the time the band got to “Along The Road” things were back to normal. Next the ensemble invited up 13 year-old C.J. Neary to play fiddle on “Hollow Heart”, “Sally Goodin”, and “Salt Creek”. After bidding farewell to Neary, Strings and company performed “Seven Bridges Road”, and “I’ve Just Seen The Rock Of Ages” which segued into a reprise of “Thirst Mutilator” and into “Dust In A Baggie”. Next came “15 Steps”, followed by “Pretty Daughter” and “Today”, which rolled into “All Fall Down” and finally a cover of the Grateful Dead‘s “Brokedown Palace” to close the show.

Watch Billy Strings perform at 4 Peaks Music Festival on June 22nd, 2019. Don’t be fooled by the video’s erroneous title of “Cobblestone Live 2019”.

Billy Strings — 4 Peaks Music Festival — 6/22/2019 — Full Video [Pro-Shot]

[Video: Billy Strings]

Setlist: Billy Strings | 4 Peaks Music Festival | Bend, OR | 6/22/2019

Set: Set 1: I’m Still Here> Thirst Mutilator> Raleigh & Spencer, While I’m Waiting Here> Pyramid Country> Ol’ Slewfoot [1], June Apple [2], Run Down, Along The Road, Hollow Heart [3] , Sally Goodin [3] > Salt Creek [3], Seven Bridges Road, I’ve Just Seen The Rock Of Ages > Thirst Mutilator> Dust In A Baggie, 15 Steps, Pretty Daughter, Today> All Fall Down, Brokedown Palace

[1] Billy Failing breaks string and leaves stage during song
[2] w/o Billy Failing
[3] w/CJ Neary (13 yrs old) on fiddle