Bob Weir has opened up a little more about his life away from the stage in a new interview with Men’s Health titled, “The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir Is 72 and Still Working Out Like a Beast”. In the new feature, Grateful Dead co-founder gives an in-depth look at his nearly lifelong passion for fitness.

The interview, which took place throughout the summer months while Weir was on tour with his Wolf Bros bandmates, introduces Bobby to unfamiliar readers as a man who looks like a “Civil War general who’s really into CrossFit.” Anyone who’s followed the careers of both Weir and the Grateful Dead is familiar with the guitarist’s unofficial role as “The Jock” of the band, which isn’t quite the kind of label typically found within jam band friend circles, where one is more likely to find a joint being passed around than a protein shake.

However, Bob Weir is not shy about his passion for physical (and mental) fitness, which began back in his high school years when he was part of his school’s football team—as a linebacker and defensive lineman! His passion for football was often pulled into some of the quotes which Weir shared with the interviewer.

“I might have been [the quarterback], come to think of it,” Weir said in relation to his leadership role on stage as part of the Dead’s rather disorganized performance style. “Organizational stuff is one of my strong suits, and a quarterback is an organizational kind of guy. Jerry [Garcia] was something of an elusive yet powerful running back. He could do it all. But I was cueing the up and down because Jerry was f*cking busy.”

Speaking of Garcia in this context, it was impossible not to discuss the contrast in both playing style and physical appearance between Weir and the late guitarist. “I admired Jerry because he didn’t give a sh*t about any of that, and I think he admired me because I did,” Weir explained. “I admired his ability to just say, ‘F*ck it. I’m going to suck down a couple of cheeseburgers and a pizza and a couple of White Russians, and I’m going to be fine about that.’ Working out was just too much effort and too much pain.”

As for how Weir shares his love for staying fit and allowing his workouts to be one of the main parts of his busy schedule, he prefers to keep that to himself rather than become one of those annoying fit-buffs who won’t shut up about their diet or workout regimen.

“I never pushed it, because I don’t think it’s my right,” Weir said about the possibility of pulling his bandmates or friends into his love of working out. “It’s a lot like pushing religion. I don’t think any human has a right to do that.”

Right there with ya Bobby! [Note: If he were to be “that guy,” we’d hope it would look something like this]…

Weir and his Dead & Company bandmates will return to action next week with the band’s six-show Fall Fun Run set to start with a Halloween performance at New York’s Madison Square Garden followed by a second MSG show on November 1st. Head to the Dead & Company website for ticket info and a full list of upcoming dates.

You can read Bobby’s full Men’s Health interview here.