If you’ve been following Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir on social media during his recently-wrapped tour with Bob Weir and Wolf Bros, you’ve probably noticed he’s been spending a lot of time in the gym. Like us, you may have assumed that Bobby is simply documenting his fit lifestyle, but it looks like there’s more to the story.

On Monday, Weir revealed that these videos are part of the media rollout for his brand new exercise app, Grateful Bod, available now for both iOS and Android. According to the App Store’s product description,

Some people say it’s hard to stay in shape as the years pass and your hair picks up a touch of grey. Even if you’re still partying at Coachella with your kids or traveling the country with your wolf bros and other good company, it’s important to make sure your body is built to last in the days between. You don’t need a miracle to stay in shape—help is on the way with Bob Weir’s Grateful Bod, the new exercise app developed by the Grateful Dead guitarist/vocalist. 

Each day, Bob Weir’s Grateful Bod will bring you a workout “setlist” complete with instructional videos featuring Weir himself. With Bob Weir’s Grateful Bod, the fitness never stopped.

[All workouts included on the app are tested and approved by the official Wolf Bros Gym Safety Advisor.]

You can check out a few of the workouts you’ll complete as part of your Grateful Bod training below:

“Tear This Old Building Down”

“Pull lt On Down The Line”

“Simple Twist of Fate”

“Dancing In The Streets”

“Cover Just A Little More Ground”

“Wave It Wild & High”

“Row Jimmy Row”

“Throwing Stones”

April Fools!