In his very own ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ or, at least in the music world, Bob Weir told some chatting Kathy’s at Sweetwater Music Hall, and quite succinctly mind you, to “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” during RatDog‘s performance the other night.  Now, we can’t really say we blame him; actually, he was well within his right.  This nationwide epidemic of people carrying on conversations over the music has become a complete hindrance to not only the artists, but the fans as well.  Some of us actually give a shit as to what is going on up on the stage, as opposed to what Thad did to Miley (though, we can’t believe it either….soooo cray!).

As if the segue of Bobby saying “Hey, I’m not interrupting you am I?>The Walk Off Stage>Evil Glare” during his acoustic set wasn’t enough, these dip-shits (or possibly others that come from the same ilk) actually had the audacity to carry on their conversations INTO the RatDog set.  We think Bobby only saying that short and sweet phrase was actually nice; he should have thrown his guitar at them (not that we promote violence here at L4LM….just sayin’).

I mean, that’s why we go to shows instead of bars.  If we gave a shit about who is screwing who, what this one said on Facebook, and if we actually believe that she would post that picture on Instagram of herself, than we would join you at a bar, or somewhere out in society so we could join in the nonsensical bullshit.  But THAT is exactly why many of us choose go to shows instead.  We enjoy the music, we pay good money to not only see it, but to most importantly, HEAR IT!

By speaking loudly at a concert while a musician/band is playing is an issue that shouldn’t even have to be broached.  If you really feel that your conversation is that important, and needs to be heard, than go leave the general viewing area, go over to the bar or for a smoke, and tell your breaking news to someone who actually gives a shit.  No one is saying that you can’t say a few words here and there, but have some common decency for the musician’s playing their hearts out on stage, as well as for the people around you.

Here is a very short video of Bob Weir laying into the numbskulls (thanks to Hidden Track and Barry Brown):