Break Science, the electronic duo comprised of keyboardist/producer Borahm Lee and drummer/producer Adam Deitch, released their new remix of Blakkamoore‘s “Get Down Tonight” featuring Snoop Dogg on Friday. The remix arrives as part of Blakkamoore’s new deluxe edition of his 2020 album, Upward Spiral, out today, Friday, November 13th via Lustre Kings.

The Break Science remix of “Get Down Tonight” cultivates a different vibe than the rest of Blakkamoore’s Upward Spiral. Break Science, for their part, adds their modern Boom Bap Electronic vibe to the track. The remix, layered with a vast array of synthesizers, driving drums, and jazzy progressions, sees Break Science take Blakkamoore and Snoop’s vocals to new heights and adds a new dimension of intelligent electronic production.

As the Guyana-born, Brooklyn-bred singer/songwriter/producer explains of the collab with Break Science via a press release, “‘Get Down Tonight’ is a real special offering from my fam, Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee. Together they make up the futuristic duo, Break Science. Deitch and I used to play together in NYC all the time. Moon and I actually wrote a song for one of their releases years ago so Moon reached out to Adam to return the favor, knowing what they are capable of. Both of those cats are world class musicians having played with Kanye West to John Scofield. They really delivered something super funky, retro and fresh, all at the same time. Could not be happier with the results.”

Added Deitch, “When our longtime friend and collaborator, Blakkamoore asked us to remix his tune with HipHop legend Snoop Dogg, we were extremely honored. This remix has a west coast feel to it that’s perfect for a sunny day drive or just kickin’ it with a fat blunt.”

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Stream the Break Science remix of ‘”Get Down Tonight” by Blakkamoore featuring Snoop Dogg on the platform of your choice here or watch the lively animated video for the track below.

Blakkamoore ft. Snoop Dogg – “Get Down Tonight” (Break Science Remix) – Official Video

[Video: BreakScienceMusic]

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