On Saturday, September 29th, the mix-and-match musical marathon that is Brooklyn Comes Alive returned to Brooklyn, New York, for its fourth-annual edition. Music fans flooded Williamsburg’s Wythe Avenue for 12 hours straight, passing between Brooklyn Bowl (on N12th), Rough Trade (on N9th), and Music Hall of Williamsburg (on N6th) as a non-stop lineup of rare collaborations, once-in-a-lifetime tributes, heartwarming artist passion projects, and even stand-up comics filled the stages with world-class talent and the air with unforgettable live music.

There were no wrong moves at Brooklyn Comes Alive 2018. From 3:30 p.m. straight through to 3:30 a.m., there was never a moment when something special was not happening on at least one of the festival’s three stages. If you moved quickly, you could catch at least some of just about everything. Even if you stayed in one spot, you’d still catch more uniquely exciting music than you could normally ever hope to pack into a single day. From the countless curated highlights to the continuous stream of unannounced guest spots, there was never a dull moment at Brooklyn Comes Alive.

A traditional recap is a fool’s errand for this thrillingly unconventional live music event. Luckily, we captured plenty of high-quality video and audio content throughout the day which we’ll roll out gradually over the coming weeks, giving you an in-depth look at the day Brooklyn came alive. Until then, relive Saturday’s festivities the way we experienced them in real time: as a seamless stream of memorable snapshots of musical mastery.

You can brush up on the jam-packed lineup and check out beautiful Brooklyn Comes Alive galleries by photographers Jeremy Gordon, Andrew Blackstein, Ken Spielman, and Scott Harris below: