Alternative record label Jagjaguwar is throwing itself a birthday party with the 25th-anniversary covers album, Join The Ritual. Jagjaguwar previewed the album—out on September 24th—with the unlikely pairing of Bruce Hornsby taking on “Feel The Pain” by Dinosaur Jr.

The Grateful Dead family member takes a lone piano approach to the surprise 90s hit, replicating grunge guitar hero J. Mascis‘ searing performance with his grand piano. While Hornsby’s serene vocals don’t quite embody the grit that made Dinosaur Jr. harbingers of the alt-rock movement of the 1990s, the juxtaposition provides a unique disparity akin to Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails. It’s so mismatched that it works so well.

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Also featured on Join The Ritual are Angel OlsenCut WormsThey Hate ChangePink Mountaintops, and more as they take on tracks by Built to SpillTeenage FanclubR.E.M., and other Jagjaguwar alums. In addition to the Dinosaur Jr. cover, the label has also shared Jamila Woods‘ take on Tracy Chapman‘s breakthrough hit “Fast Car”.

Scroll down to check out the Bruce Hornsby and Jamilia Woods covers from the upcoming Jagjaguwar 25th-anniversary covers album, Join The Ritual. The full tracklist and Dungeons & Dragons-inspired artwork are available below. Click here to pre-order.

Bruce Hornsby – “Feel The Pain” (Dinosaur Jr.)

[Video: Jagjaguwar]

Jamila Woods – “Fast Car” (Tracy Chapman)

[Video: Jagjaguwar]

Join the Ritual Tracklist

Spencer Krug – “Red Dress” (Jad Fair)
The Besnard Lakes – “Good Morning, Captain” (Slint)
They Hate Change – “The Seeming and the Meaning” (Stereolab)
Angel Olsen – “Cold Blooded Old Times” (Smog)
Bruce Hornsby – “Feel the Pain” (Dinosaur Jr.)
Jamila Woods – “Fast Car”(Tracy Chapman)
Nap Eyes – “Car” (Built to Spill)
S. Carey – “Weight of Water” (Low)
Pink Mountaintops – “The Concept” (Teenage Fanclub)
Cut Worms – “One for the Catholic Girls” (Simon Joyner)
Okay Kaya – “Nightswimming” (R.E.M.)

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