Tired of going on dates only to find out that they have terrible taste in music? A new feature in the popular female-friendly dating app Bumble aims to solve this dilemma by allowing potential matches to see if they share any Top Artists on Spotify.

Bumble users have been able to link their Spotify accounts to their profiles since the two companies partnered in 2016, and according to Bumble, users who have their Spotify profiles linked are more likely to receive a right swipe. The new Top Artists feature takes things a step further by integrating each user’s Spotify top 50 into their Bumble profile and displaying the top ten artists.

“When you have the same top artist, you and your potential match will see a banner on each other’s profile showing which top artists you have in common, giving you a great reason to connect,” Bumble said in its announcement. “If a potential match doesn’t share any top artists with you or doesn’t have their Spotify account integrated, then you’ll see each other’s profiles as normal.”

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Shan Boodram, Bumble’s Sex and Relationships Expert, added, “Discovering that you and a potential romantic partner love the same artist is a fun and fast way to establish common ground, plus it provides a natural segue to start other important conversations around a person’s priorities and passions.”

Oh, and don’t worry if your Spotify top 50 includes guilty pleasure songs you’d rather hide from a potential match; you can edit your top 50 manually from your Spotify account, and you can opt out of the feature in the Bumble app. For more information on the new Bumble Spotify Top Artists functionality, head here.