After moving to a new home in 2016, the Catskill Chill Music Festival has revealed that the event will not be taking place in 2017. The festival organizers have penned a long letter announcing the hiatus, and expressing a multitude of gratitude for their loyal “Chillfam” fan base.

The letter can be read below:

Dearest Chillfam,

After seven consecutive years of sharing the weekend of our dreams together, the time has come for us to step back and take a year off. The Catskill Chill has come to mean so much to so many of us. We have met here, we have loved, laughed, and camped here. We have DANCED here and we have truly lived here, together. Perhaps what has made the Chill most magical is intention. Every year, as we all start planning for our annual celebration, we have one thing in common ~ the baseline intention of “All Love, All the Time”. When thousands of us carry that into our weekend, we generate an atmosphere of acceptance, love, connection, and unity. Although there will be no Chill this year, we ask you to join us in weaving the intention we’ve dedicated to one weekend in September into our day-to-day lives. When love is our intention, we are most likely to succeed in connection.

To all of you, our entire music community, the bands, artists, vendors, media, venues, promoters, volunteers, and our wonderful, dream~team of a staff: Thank You. Your love, support, and authenticity have lifted our souls to new heights and we love you.

Music! We are so grateful to have shared such amazing music with you all and we will continue to share exciting show announcements related to all of the wonderful musicians we’ve come to love. We also hope to be announcing some fun Chillfam parties throughout the Northeast this year, so rest assured ~ just because there isn’t a Catskill Chill in September, we are still a family and we will be dancing at a show together real soon!

All Love, All the Time,

Dave, Larry, Josh, and Dan

We’ll miss you this year, Catskill Chill. Let’s hope for a strong return in 2018.