Well, this is pretty big  rock news.  Lead singer of Linkin Park (and still lead singer of Linkin Park), Chester Bennington, played an 8-song set with the brothers DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz as Stone Temple Pilots during a surprise set at the KROQ Weenie Roast this past weekend.  And it wasn’t a one-off performance either, as was confirmed during an interview after the performance, and with the release of the new track “Out of Time” which features Bennington on vocals.  Scott Weiland was officially kicked out of STP back in February.

During the interview, Bennington and the members of STP confirmed that they have “so many good songs in the works”, and will now be able to come up with tour dates as “the cat’s out of the bag”, as they had to keep this union very hush-hush.  Bennington also said that he is excited to work with both Linkin Park AND Stone Temple Pilots as the guys in his first band are all very supportive of each other and their side projects.

When asked if Weiland was informed of this, everyone just looked up in the air, and finally Dean DeLeo responded with, “Possibly no.  He changed his numbers years ago and never forwarded them to us.”  Bennington, in truly class act fashion, added, sincerely, “We wish nothing but the best for Scott.  He helped build the band….he is a great singer….helped participate in making some of the best records of all time….”

Check out “Out of Time” here. It’s got that classic STP sound, but little fresher. We look forward to what comes out of this new formation:

Here is the interview with the band from the KROQ Weenie Roast:
Video –

Here is some video from the performance (via FULLKROQSHOWS):