Chris Robinson Brotherhood is currently in the pre-release stages of their forthcoming studio album, Servants of the Sun, which is set to arrive this summer. On Wednesday, the rock band fronted by former Black Crowes co-founder Chris Robinson shared their new music video for a song titled “Chauffeur’s Daughter”, which will appear on Servants of the Sun when the album arrives on June 14th via Robinson’s Silver Arrow Records.

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The new video was directed by well-known rock photographer Jay Blakesberg, and takes viewers inside the Phil Lesh-owned Terrapin Crossroads venue and out to the wilderness of northern California. After starting out with the band performing the lively new rock track in front of fans at Terrapin Crossroads, Robinson is picked up by his real-life partner Camille Johnson, who stylishly chauffeurs him around town and beyond in a retro white limo. The two don’t waste much time before ditching the city in exchange for a lovely drive through the rural landscape of northern California Bay Area.

Fans can watch the new music video for “Chauffeur’s Daughter” below.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood – “Chauffeur’s Daughter”

[Video: Chris Robinson Brotherhood]

“‘Chauffeur’s Daughter’ is an effervescent little love song brought to life in the wilds of Marin country with my partner Camille,” Robinson said in a statement to go with the song’s premiere on Wednesday. “We cut in live footage of the band performing at Terrapin Crossroads. Our friend Jay Blakesberg directed and captured a perfect little day in our north Cali scene.”

“[Chris’] manager sent me songs and lyrics and several of the ones they were thinking about for singles immediately jumped out at me,” Blakesburg also added about his latest project. “I have a friend who owns a 1990 Lincoln Stretch Limo, and if I could convince his girlfriend to drive it I figured it would be super cool.”

Chris Robinson and his band will head out on their upcoming North American spring tour beginning on Saturday, May 4th, with a show in Hermosa Beach, CA. Fans can head to the band’s website for tickets and tour information for their upcoming performances.