This weekend, the People’s Climate March descended upon the White House, where thousands of climate activists sent a resounding message that were going to have their voices heard by President Trump and his administration. However, it was not just in Washington, D. C., where temperatures were above 90 degrees, that protestors marched; rather, similar marches occurred across the world. While there were a diverse number of causes that protestors gathered for, as has been the case with many of the large protest marches that have occurred regularly since Trump took office, many came out after the Environmental Protection Agency removed two decades of climate change research from its website on the eve of the march, under the leadership of Scott Pruitt.

Across the march, protestors advocated for moving away from fossil fuels, protecting the Earth’s natural water supplies, addressing and acknowledging climate change, and adhering to the U.N.’s Paris Agreement, which lays out a plan for countries across the world to curtail greenhouse gas emissions. The People’s Climate March also brought in support from some big household names, including former vice president Al Gore, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and more. In a recently released video, a number of musicians, activists, artists, and academics under the banner Pathway To Paris say thank you to protestors who marched the streets on Saturday and leave encouraging or inspiring words for viewers to keep fighting for the planet. Flea of the Red Hot Chili PeppersMichael Stipe of R.E.M., and Patti Smith are all featured in the short video compiling fifty relevant voices of those who support the cause.

“The majestic mountains that I hike in; the deep, clear rivers that I swim in; the deserts that I trip out in; the oceans, which I surf and swim in, that throws me around like a little rag doll . . . without that, I am nothing. Without that, we are nothing,” said bassist Flea in video.

Patti Smith’s quote was similarly reverent of the planet, “”The land is our heritage. It is sacred, and to see the people out on the streets unifying to preserve and protect, it is such a beautiful thing. And then, tomorrow we continue, and the next day and the next day and the next day, we continue. Thank you. People have the power.” The video ends on Michael Stipe thanking protestors for marching, and then noting, “I’ll see you out on the streets.”

Other faces in the music world who appear in the video supporting the People’s Climate March include Rick Kelly, the guitar craftsman behind Carmine Street Guitars, cellist Rebecca Foon, guitarist Lenny Kaye of Patti Smith, and composer Jesse Paris Smith. You can watch the full video below supporting this weekend’s march below. Last summer, many of the musicians involved in this most recent video, including Flea, joined together to perform and create an album that highlights the importance of the Paris Agreement. This also included a performance by Thom Yorke of Radiohead, where he debuted two new songs. You can go here to watch the many musical performances from July 27th in Paris, as well as the more recent album and performances supporting the International Women’s Day this past March.