On Friday, Austin-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Cloudchord shared a new track, “Dreamer”, featuring Big Gigantic producer/saxophonist Dominic Lalli.

Anyone who has seen Cloudchord live knows his performances have a comfortable lounge vibe layered with intricate, improvisational lo-fi guitar, sure to induce swaying and smiling. This new song hits all those sweet spots, and more.

“Dreamer” opens on the spacey slide of a lap pedal steel. Cosmic rain dripping back and forth on a seesaw in a familiar playground from one’s youth. The beat soon enters with the easygoing wonder of an aimless walk. Lalli’s saxophone slides in natural and effervescent, tickled here and there with the tender licks of Cloudchord’s guitar. Overall, the song has an optimistic, cozy feel. The two carry the song through to its conclusion with a dialogue of smooth uplifting riffs. All the pleasures of a sweet daydream.

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This song follows the release of “Junior High Dance”, Cloudchord’s most recent collaboration with Emancipator, and the solo track “Big Boi”. Listen to the new Cloudchord single “Dreamer”, featuring Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic, below or on your preferred streaming platform and be on the lookout for a new Cloudchord LP in 2023. He has a show in Minneapolis, MN on December 17th before ringing in the new year with SunSquabi with a hometown show in Austin on December 31st. For tickets and a full list of tour dates visit his website.

Cloudchord – “Dreamer” (ft. Dominic Lalli)