When Cyndi Crouch,  superfan/administrator of Coheed and Cambria fansite, Colbalt and Calcium, and her family found themselves in hard financial times, she created a GoFundMe page in search of donations to cover mortgage payments.   With one baby on the way and a family of four nearing eviction, she made the page in a desperate search for help, which was shared throughout C&C fansites and the web. When Coheed and Cambria themselves got wind of Cyndi’s dire situation, they immediately pledged a generous $3,000 to her cause. Guitarist Travis Stever told TMZ they helped Cyndi and her family because, “She’s a really awesome fan who is extra proactive and supports the band in everything we do.”

It’s always refreshing to see musicians find a way to genuinely and personally appreciate diehard fans. Music is about sharing love, no matter which community, and this is a perfect example of just that. 

Here is a screenshot of the Coheed and Cambria wrote along with the donation:

Coheed and Cambria's GoFundMe Pledge to Cyndi

Cyndi was was ecstatic to receive this surprise miracle from none other than her favorite band. She posted this detailed thank-you message to her GoFundMe page upon receiving the gift to express her extreme gratitude, not only for Coheed and Cambria, but their entire family/community of fans, known as Children of the Fence (COTF):

” Forgive me as I type this through a shield of the happiest tears to ever fall from my face. We are FULLY funded, something I never expected to happen. And now, I’d like to tell you a story.

A little over 10 years ago I fell in love with a band. Simple enough a thing to do, but something that proved to change my life in so many positive ways, including saving my family from the literal pits of despair. That band is Coheed and Cambria. Fast forward to two years ago, I found out that Coheed was playing a show in Birmingham and bought my first ever Coheed concert tickets. The show was amazing, it took everything I knew about Coheed to a whole new level, and after the show I got to meet the band for the first time. That experience, realizing that this band of guys cared enough about their fans to come out and meet us all (the 25 or so not bothered by stalking a tour bus at 1 am in downtown Birmingham, AL), that is the experience that shaped a huge change in my life.

The next day I joined twitter, and low and behold I found literally thousands of people just like me, head over heels for this band, or as some would say…completely obsessed! I learned things I never knew, pieces of the concept I had missed, songs I never knew about, side projects that now stand in my top 5 favorite bands/artists, but more importantly I learned about the fans. Finding the Children of The Fence (COTF), all of you incredible people, rocked my world! I was (and am still) immediately passionate about this widespread group of COTF, and quickly found as many as I could to fill my Facebook and twitter feeds. I made amazing friends, people who care for each other, look out for one another, and who all share a fiery passion for Coheed and Cambria. I spent a year co-moderating a fanbase created by fans, finding ways to give my all to everyone sharing in this passion, because we are all the same, we have one love and that love burns brighter than Star IV. I moved on from that and am currently staff at Cobalt & Calcium (the official Coheed fanbase), I get the pleasure of welcoming all the new members, fans old and new alike. If this is the dream, I’m living it, and these dreams have made me real.
Before I ramble myself into oblivion let me make my point. In this desperate time of need, all of these things have changed my life again. Without Coheed and Cambria, without the COTF (and some very special local friends) I wouldn’t be able to say that WE ARE KEEPING OUR HOME, PAYING OFF THE WAGE GARNISHMENT!!! If I live for another hundred years, I will spend them doing exactly what I have been, telling everyone about this band, this community, showing my support in everything they do not only as a band, but as individuals as well. They deserve it because of the people they are, kind thoughtful and caring, selfless and giving. For seeing a family and need and saving our lives, our gratitude is deep and Neverending.

So finally, to my local friends, the entire COTF community, and the entire Coheed family (members staff and management) THANK YOU! Each and every one of you had our backs and believed that we could make it, AND WE DID!’This heart is everlasting, pushing forward, never crashing.’ “