Even as the modern world gradually continues to shut down to allow the passing of COVID-19 in countries ranging from Italy to Australia, the Internet remains undefeated.

While the global pandemic is nothing to joke over, it is important to find humor even in the darkest of contexts in times when laughter and smiles are most needed. Such was the mindset of Kathy Mak, an actress, and dancer from Hong Kong, China, who wrote and shared an entertaining parody of “Torn”, written by Scott Cutler and Anne Preven and made famous in the late 1990s by Natalie Imbruglia. The parody is appropriately themed around the stresses of living in a post-COVID-19 reality.

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Throughout the song’s entertaining music video, Mak is seen attempting to navigate tasks while wandering around an empty-looking Hong Kong. Her well-scripted reworked lyrics offer some hilarious and very-relatable venting of the first-world problems everyone is struggling with as everyday citizens adjust their old habits to make for safer living environments these days.

“I thought that if I’m feeling this way, many other people would be too,” Mak told the South China Morning Post. “In a way, it’s been kind of a coping mechanism.”

Watch the entire video below.

Kathy Mak – “Torn” [Coronavirus-Themed Parody]

[Video: South China Morning Post]