Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles kick off their Art of Love World Tour today and are celebrating with the release of a brand new track. “Trade It All” is the first single from the band’s upcoming debut studio album, Art of Love, and ties together disco grooves with the modern funk vibe that Henry is lovingly known for. Featuring Henry on vocals and keys (he goes with the Rhodes over the usual B-3 on this one), the track solidifies his transition from sideman to his own studio career as a full bandleader.

After beginning his music career in 2006 and gaining fame as part of the Grammy-winning fusion collective Snarky Puppy, Cory has since released three solo records and has landed on The Funk Apostles as his newest passion project. Having toured together the last couple of years, the release of “Trade It All” is the first official recording from the group and serves as a delicious preview of what’s to come.

The hook sings, “I’d trade it all, just to be with you,” a passionate ode to the subject of the tune, whether that be a woman or music. Cory is expanding his sound as a musician and will be bringing his new sounds to audiences across the globe. Listen to Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles’ “Trade It All” below:

The release of “Trade It All” is happening alongside Cory Henry and The Funk Apostles’Art of Love World Tour, which begins today in Heerlen, Holland at Parkstad Limburg Theaters. Head to his official website for more information on upcoming dates.