The surviving members of Irish alt-rock band The Cranberries have shared the latest single from what will be their final studio effort following the sudden death of singer Dolores O’Riordan last January. Released on Tuesday, “In The End” acts as the album’s title track and follows the previously-shared singles off the project including “All Over Now“, “The Pressure”, and “Wake Me When It’s Over”.

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The song’s title is absolutely fitting for the honest and soothing emotion which O’Riordan shares on the recording, which is laid out over the calming sounds of an acoustic guitar and mandolin as the recording’s main instrumentation. O’Riordan’s lyrics are subtle and short, but certainly cut to the emotional core when she sings out, “Take my house/Take the car/Take the clothes/But you can’t take the spirit.”

The lyrics of “Ain’t it strange? When everything you wanted Was nothing like you wanted? In the end” also echo with a haunting level of sadness, knowing that they mirror the upcoming end of the band’s nearly three-decade journey since forming in 1989.

“Lyrically it is self-explanatory,” guitarist Noel Hogan said in a statement via press release of the final track on the album. “It speaks for itself, it just is a lovely feeling and it’s a gorgeous song.”

Fans can listen to the new single in the audio-only video below.

The Cranberries – “In The End” 

[Video: The Cranberries TV]

Fans will finally get the chance to hear all of the band’s final recordings with O’Riordan when In The End arrives on April 26th via BMG.