This past New Years Eve, superstar producers Dada Life turned an ordinary Brooklyn warehouse into ‘Dada Land’, their own personal wonderland for their fans to enjoy a one of a kind New Years Eve experience. Taking the concept a step further, the Dada guys want to turn this concept into it’s own country – ‘Dada Land’.

We, the sovereign Peoples of Dada Land recognize that all lands belonging to the people of Dada Land are hereby declared as independent nation state and sovereignty.

Well, ok then. has been updated to feature a video of the duo requesting a call for action from their fans. Fans are encouraged to attend protests scattered around the world tomorrow at varying times and sign the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE BY THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL DADA LAND TREATY COUNCIL. Not much else is known other than that fans are encouraged to wear banana suits, hold signs, and bring the same level of crazy energy and debauchery that is expected at a Dada Life show.

Check out the complete list of protests and the official video below:

March 6th, 2013
London – 1PM GMT -Westminster Bridge
New York – 12PM EST – United Nations Plaza
Stockholm – 3PM CET – Parliament
Sidney – 12:30PM EDT – Sydney Opera House
Washington, DC – 3PM EST -White House