While every musician seems to generate rumors—especially when they haven’t released an album in several years—Daft Punk generates more rumors than most. The globally acclaimed French electronic music duo has made waves for decades with their signature brand of funk, disco, and rock-inspired house music. Since the moment 2013’s multiple Grammy-winning Random Access Memories was released, fans have pleaded for a follow-up.

Rumors have circulated sporadically since then, though there has never been much substance to the claims—until now. While unconfirmed, documents have surfaced that lend credence to rumors of a forthcoming fifth Daft Punk studio album.

Again, these leaks are unconfirmed, but there are several details that give them credibility. First, the documents—which are printed on Sony and Columbia Records letterhead—tout a May release. Fans will remember that Random Access Memories arrived in May of 2013. Furthermore, the documents detail a Japanese-only bonus track—something not uncommon for other Daft Punk projects. That’s not all, either. The mixing engineer, Nathan “Mick” Guzauski, and legal representatives listed have worked with the duo in the past.

It should be noted, however, these leaks came via Reddit and Discord, so take them with a grain of salt. Though they do appear to be legitimate, fans should proceed with cautious optimism. You can view the aforementioned documents that appeared on Reddit this week below:

[H/T Your EDM]