Bassist Dan Horne (Grateful Shred/Circles Around The Sun) is preparing to release his debut solo album in the form of a four-track EP due out this Friday, October 2nd via Bandcamp (as part of the digital music platform’s successful “Bandcamp Friday” initiative). Horne has already released his cover of Canned Heat‘s “Poor Moon” which will appear on The Motorcycle EP, and has now shared a new video highlighting his cover of Arlo Guthrie‘s “The Motorcycle Song”.

“The Motorcycle Song” first appeared on Guthrie’s 1967 album, Alice’s Restaurant. Horne’s 2020 take on the old Americana tune gives it an enjoyable and captivating update, and his vocal harmonies shine through during the song’s chorus lines make for a nice surprise from the typically-quiet bassist.

As Horne explained in a statement,

I’ve been playing this Arlo Guthrie song for a while and had it all mapped out in my head, so it was an easy fun way to start working on a solo record, and why I called the sessions ‘The Motorcycle Song EP’. To me it’s a song about escaping the absurdity of reality. I love pickles, don’t have a motorcycle, but put it all together and it makes so much sense. The video is a ride through LA. The timeless pastime of just going to the beach for no reason other than to escape reason. I love movies set in the LA streets like Repo Man, Up in Smoke, Menace to Society, and this is a quick and easy nod to that vibe.

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Watch the adventurous new video for Horne’s cover of “The Motorcycle Song” below.

Dan Horne – “The Motorcycle Song”

[Video: Liberty Hair Farm]

The Motorcycle EP will also be available on major streaming platforms beginning on November 20th.

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