Guitarist Danny Mayer has kept himself pretty busy lately. With his most recent gig backing Soulive/Lettuce guitarist Eric Krasno in his own Eric Krasno Band this past summer, Mayer has been upping his game playing alongside one of the premier guitarists in the scene today. This upcoming weekend, he will front his own project DMT (Danny Mayer Trio) for a pair of shows this weekend in Connecticut, at Bridgeport’s The Acoustic on Friday (9/2) and Hartford’s Arch Street Tavern on Saturday (9/3), with Jen Durkin & The Business on as support.

Mayer will be bringing along Turkauz’s Michelangelo Carruba on drums and The Nth Power’s Nate Edgar on bass, with special guest singers Mary Corso (Eric Krasno Band) and Shira Elias (Turkauz) lending their vocal prowess to the shows. We had a chance to chat with Mayer about playing with Krasno over the summer in support of the guitarists solo album Blood From A Stone, and his own DMT project with a killer lineup of musicians and singers.

On the recent opportunity to join the Eric Krasno Band:

“Playing with the Eric Krasno Band is definitely an amazing experience for me, on so many levels! The band itself, and everyone in it individually, is amazing! I love them all and I love their playing. So when you find yourself in a situation like that, it’s hard to have a bad time! From a guitarist’s standpoint, I get free lessons onstage every night watching Kraz just murder these tunes! I get to support one of my all time favorite guitar players to the best of my ability, and we all have a tremendous amount of fun onstage! It’s truly an honor to be asked to play guitar in one of the greatest guitar players bands, but the thing that really stands out to me are that the songs are good enough, on their own, that all I have to do is play them and I’m satisfied at the end of the gig. It’s a beautiful thing all around.”

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With regards to his own DMT (Danny Mayer Trio):

“DMT is almost the total opposite role for me as a guitar player. It’s just guitar, bass, drums and some vocals. I have to fill up so much space and basically rage my face off the whole time! It’s an awesome thing to be able have the support to try new things and think of new ways of saying what’s on my mind. The freedom I have in this band is limitless. Nate and Mikey are two of the baddest dudes out there and push me to new levels every time. Mary and Shira are amazing vocalists and really bring so much love and sweetness to the band too. I couldn’t be more fortunate to be constantly surrounded by such amazing musicians, and trust me, I don’t forget it for a second!”

For more info on the upcoming DMT shows, check the links below:

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